Selecting a Camera System

How do I chose the right camera system for my application?

A camera system may be composed of a sensor, electronics, housing, lens, data acquisition system, display and software. Use your system requirements to determine the following:

  1. Wavelength region of interest
  2. Number of pixels required in horizontal and vertical dimensions
  3. Frame rate, plus sync requirements (combination of FPA and electronics determine what is possible)
  4. F-number of the lens and camera (especially important for systems with cold shields)
  5. Dewar requirements if the sensor operates at cryogenic temperatures (liquid nitrogen is less expensive to acquire and is much easier to reconfigure than Stirling cooled dewars, but does require re-filling and periodic re-pumping). If cold, what is required cold aperture location and diameter?
  6. Cold filter and warm filter requirements, including filter wheel requirements
  7. Resolution of lens plus camera based on f-number, wavelength, pixel pitch (use our on-line MTF calculator).
  8. Stream data to disk with live viewing requirements
  9. Software Development Kit (SDK) for custom application development or use standard software packages for viewing/storing data & camera control.
  10. Special requirements?
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