CompactCore Series


CompactCore Series

IRCameras’ new CompactCore Series is now smaller, lighter and requires 25% less power consumption than our previous generation. With a choice of InSb, nBn or SLS focal plane arrays, CompactCore systems support applications in the lab or field.  These cameras also cover a wide range of terrestrial, airborne and space applications including general imaging and spectroscopy.

IRCameras offers customization options that are tailored to the client’s unique testing requirements, further differentiating us from other suppliers. With resolution options of 640×512 or 1280×1024, our digital FPAs have zero electronics crosstalk between columns or rows – even at thousands of frames per second.

IRCameras also offers high efficiency cold filters to support your mission objectives including our 2-band CO2 notch cold filter, 3-band SWIR-MWIR and 5-band SWIR-MWIR filters which match atmospheric windows from 1000 nm to 5000 nm with >95% in-band transmission.

Cooler and dewars can be designed for space applications, and electronics qualified for low earth orbit. FPAs have been radiation tested and flown in earth orbit.

Detector CompactCore Series
Detector material InSb nBn SLS
Spectral response <1.0 µm to 5.3 µm   2 µm to 11 µm
Resolution 1280×1024 or 640×512 1280×1024 640×512
Pixel Pitch 12 µm or 20 µm with 640×512
Imaging Electronics
Frame rate @ max window size 119 Hz or 475 Hz 119 Hz 475 Hz
Integration time <150 ns to full frame
Dynamic range 14-bit with 13-bit option to increase frame rate at small window sizes
Windowing User defined in 4 x 1 increments; min width = 320, min height = 8
Integration type Snapshot, automatic selection of integrate while read or integrate then read
Ultra low latency sync Sync I/O, integration out
Image data CameraLink Full (standard), GigE & SDI (optional)
Communications Serial over CameraLink & GigE (optional)
Software control Cross platform GenICam compliant
Image data stamp Optional IRIG, GPS with on-board receiver
NEdT <18 mK with 20 µm pitch <30 mK with 12 µm pitch <35 mK with 12 µm pitch <35 mK with 20 µm pitch
Well capacity (electrons) 2.05 Me for 12 µm pitch, 7.0 Me for 20 µm pitch
Operability ? 98% for LWIR SLS & ? 99.8% for all other configurations
Non-Uniformity Correction 12 on-board tables


Camera f/# f/2.3 & f/4.0 standard; custom coldshields available upon request
Cold filter None included standard
Optional 3.0 µm – 5.0 µm, 900-2600 nm, CO2 or custom filters upon request
Lens mount Bayonet
Power @ 24 VDC 18-24 Watts (based on final configuration)
System weight 5.3 to 5.8 pounds (based on final configuration)
Size 4.82”(H) x 3.3”(W) x 5.53”(L) or 6.74”(H) x 3.42”(W) x 5.44”(L) (may vary depending on configuration)
Operating temperature range -30° C to +55° C (-22° F to +131° F)
Storage temperature range -55° C to +80° C (-67° F to +176° F)