Closed Cycle Broadband Infrared Camera

The IRC906SLS incorporates the innovative Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) Sensor allowing it to detect infrared radiation in both the mid-wave (MWIR) and long-wave (LWIR) spectral regions. This 640×512 format, 20 micron camera operates at 475 frames per second at full window size with no electronic crosstalk. The IRC906SLS utilizes on-board frame averaging to improve signal to noise, allowing greater sensitivity and superior image quality. An optional embedded filter wheel allows the user to select specific wavelengths of interest in both the MWIR and LWIR regions, taking full advantage of the broadband response of the SLS sensor.

Detector type Strained Layer Superlattice
Spectral response <2.0µm – 11.25µm +/- .75µm
Resolution (pixels) 640 x512
Pixel pitch 20 micron
Imaging Electronics
Frame rate @ max window size 478 Hz
Integration time <500 ns to full frame time
Dynamic range 14-bit Full Camera Link; HDMI; Giagbit Eithernet
Windowing User defined in 4×1 increments; min width=320, min height=32
Integration type Snapshot, automatic selection of integrate while read or integrate then read
Ultra low latency sync Sync I/O, integration out
Image data Simultaneous Camera Link & Gig-E, HDMI
Communications Serial over Camera Link & Gig-E
Software control Cross platform GenICam compliant
NEdT <35mK @ 30°C
Well capacity (electrons) 7M
Operability >98%
Camera f/# f/2.3 coldshield standard, custom configurations available
Cold filter No cold filter standard; 3.0µm – 5.0µm, CO2, LWIR or custom filters on request
Lens mount Bayonet
Optional filter wheel Motorized four position warm filter wheel; 25.4mm diameter x 1.0mm thick filters
Power @ 24 VDC Steady state power consumption
System weight  
Closed cycle cooler Stirling Linear cooler
Size 8″(l) x 5.4″(w) x 506″(h)
Operating temperature range -25°C to +50°C (-13°F to +122°F)
Storage temperature range -55C to +80C (-67°F to +176°F)
Environmental rating IP-51
Mounting holes 2x 1/4-20 & 4x #10-24

Specifications are subject to change without notice.