IRCameras WinIRC Software Application

WinIRC software is included with new camera purchases.  This software is export controlled so please select the inquire button above and fill out the form and one of our sales members will get in touch with you for further assistance.

Real-time Camera Setup via Video Oscilloscope:

  • Frame rate control
  • Integration time control
  • Global offset adjustment
  • Global gain adjustment

Image Display:

  • Auto or manual brightness and contrast control with linear output lookup table
  • Auto histogram equalization image adjustment with user-defined gain
  • Viewing palettes updated at user-defined intervals when in auto mode
  • 16 color palettes
  • Inverse palettes (for a total of 32 palettes)
  • Zoom factors from 1 to 16
  • Reverse rows and/or columns to accommodate lens formats

Data Recording:

  • Stream data to RAM
  • Stream data to hard drive
  • Ring buffer data acquisition with arbitrary stop point
  • Camera head sync/gen. lock (less than 1 microsecond delay with less than 100 nanosecond jitter)
  • Frame grabber trigger for complex data set acquisitions (Specify number of acquisitions and number of frames in each acquisition)
  • Keyboard trigger for data acquisition
  • Frame averaging at 16-bit or 32-bit levels
  • Remote computer control of grab sequences

Image Storage Formats:

  • 16-bits/pixel
  • BMP
  • AVI movie
  • TIFF

Image Replay:

  • Video playback control window
  • User-selectable playback rates
  • Single step replay Forwards or Backwards

Image Analysis:

  • Follow up to 50 simultaneous drawing objects (points, lines, rectangles, or ellipses) with statistics (average, max, min, histogram)
  • Plot drawing object averages as a function of time
  • Save results to spreadsheet-readable text files
  • Perform image math on sets of images: SetOut = A x SetIn1 + B x SetIn2
  • Perform image math on a set of images and a single image: SetOut = A x SetIn1 + B x Image
  • Live on-the-fly Image Averaging
  • Image averaging on a set of stored images. (Version 3.6 and above)
  • Live on-the-fly image subtraction. (Version 3.6 and above)
  • Image subtraction. Subtract a single image from another image or an entire set of images
  • All image analysis tools available for both live & playback images

Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) Generation & Pixel Replacement:

  • 2-Point NUC
  • 1-Point NUC
  • NUC storage and recall
  • Bad-pixel detection based on noise, gain, & offset parameters
  • Intelligent bad-pixel correction
  • Remove NUC from an image or image set (Version 3.6 and above)
  • Apply a new NUC to an image or image set
  • View bad pixel, gain, and offset correction maps


  • Supports dynamically changing window size and position

FPA Performance Measurement:

  • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) measurement
  • Noise Equivalent Counts (NEC) measurement
  • Responsively measurement
  • Offset measurement

3rd Party Software Support:

  • StreamPix by NorPix supports SBF thermal IR cameras :


  • Full on-line Windows help system


  • Print images directly from the WinIRC program


  • Seamlessly change between different camera heads
  • Identical software for both standard copper cable and optional fiber optic (transmission to 10 Kilometers) frame grabbers


  • Planck’s Calculator
High Definition Midwave Infrared Imaging