Thales RM Rotary Monobloc Coolers

The Thales RM series of rotary Stirling coolers is one of the most quiet rotary Stirling designs on the market. These coolers offer excellent efficiency for IDCA applications where size and power need to be limited, such as handheld imagers or vehicle-mounted camera systems, while still maintaining a low noise level and high reliability.

Each RM cooler has a different displacer design, including displacers designed to fit ¼” and 8 mm dewar cores.


400 mW @ 110 K / IDCA

The RM1 is designed for applications where size and mass need to be limited, and is typically used for HOT applications.



400 mW / ¼” IDCA

The RM2 benefits from a recognised maturity associated to high reliability, that makes it a real success for hand held camera or UAV applications. Designed to fit 1/4″ IDCA dewars, the RM2 can be interchanged with other Thales 1/4″ coolers.


550 mW / 8 mm IDCA

The RM3 is a high-performance rotary cooler for 8 mm IDCA dewars. As the drive electronics are integrated, no separate controller board is necessary for the RM3.



730 mW / ¼” IDCA

The RM4 is a rotary cooler designed to withstand severe climatic environments, typically used on armoured vehicles operating in those environments. Designed to fit 1/4″ IDCA dewars, the RM4 can be interchanged with other Thales 1/4″ coolers.