CompactCore™ HD+

CompactCore HD+

IRC’s new CompactCore™ Mid-wave IR cores have 4 available standard configurations

CompactCoreTM Open frame: 1280×1024 InSb FPA with a linear cryocooler for extended lifetime operation. Main chassis dimensions are 84.6W x  122.4H x 140.5L (mm)

CompactCoreTM Closed frame: same camera system with an enclosure measuring 136.6W x 158.8H x 136.6L (mm)

H.O.T. CompactCoreHDTM Open-frame: 1280×1024 nBn FPA with a rotary cryocooler, standard chassis dimension are 86.4W x 83.8H x 170.2L (mm)

CompactCoreSDTM Open-frame: 640×512 InSb FPA with a rotary cryocooler and has the same dimensions as the H.O.T. CompactCoreHDTM above


Further information available upon request.